Behavior Teaches the Underlying Beliefs

A Course In Miracles sets forth the idea that all behavior teaches the underlying beliefs that motivate the behavior.

Over 2,000 years ago a man name Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.  The Passion and the Crucifixion were behaviors. What beliefs were Jesus' persecutors teaching? It can simply be summed up as this: Attack is strength and attack will get you what you want.

What beliefs did Jesus teach throughout his life and during the Passion and Crucifixion? It can be simply summed up as this:  Love is strength.

Who's beliefs are currently winning in our world? It seems to me that this world is still trying to teach the same thing the Romans and Jewish leaders were teaching 2,000 years ago, that is, attack is strength and Love is weakness.  

May I ask you, how is that working for us?

The Romans and the Jewish elders believed that if they killed Jesus they would weaken the ideas he was teaching. How did that work out for them? Did attack get them what they wanted? Here we are 2,000 years later and his ideas are still alive but his body is not.

Do not let this idea be persecuted and crucified anymore: Love is strength, attack is weakness.  This idea must be resurrected from your unconscious mind.  It's your choice. It has nothing to do with anybody else or anything else.

Father, please let me live in Love. Let my behaviors teach only Love. What we teach, we learn so I know if I want to learn what Love is, I must teach Love in every instant I find myself, no matter how fearful the external circumstances seem to be.