The Ego's "Positive" Emotions

"Positive emotions generated by the ego already contain within themselves their opposite into which they can quickly turn. Here are some examples: What the ego calls love is possessiveness and addictive clinging that can turn into hate within a second. Anticipation about an upcoming event, which is the ego's overvaluation of future, easily turns into it's opposite - letdown or disappointment - when the event is over or doesn't fulfill the ego's expectations. Praise and recognition make you feel alive and happy one day; being criticized or ignored make you dejected and unhappy the next."

- A New Earth, Chapter 5, The Pain Body, Eckhart Tolle

This is parallel and identical to the the truth set forth in A Course In Miracles: "You can have pleasure, too, but ONLY at the cost of pain."  The cost of the ego's pleasure will always be pain. The cost of God's Pleasure doesn't exist. There is no price to pay for God's Love which extends all things to you and to everyone. To have all, give all to all.