That will work, until it doesn't.

We are a society of escape artists.  Everyone here is at some stage of grief, but unfortunately most of us seem to get stuck in the denial phase.  Denial is such a strong, pervasive and insidious thing.  It reaches out and touches everything if we are unconscious of it.  Everything we think we are and we think we want from this mind made, illusion of a self, will not last.

We run from our grief in so many different ways - workaholism, pornography, food obsession, parenting, working out, shopping, religious ritual, alcoholism, living vicariously through children, addiction to drama, addiction to anger, caretaking, sex, television, social media, a romantic relationship or a combination of multiple "less meaningful" romantic relationships, substance abuse, recovery rituals, accumulation of wealth...there is really no end to the many ways we run. 

These ways of escape work, until they don't.

No matter the form of escape we choose, unhappiness, sadness, pain, and despair will rise again once the newness of our new, false salvation wears off.  It's inevitable.  It's a flawed plan because it's source, the ego, is flawed in every way possible and every conclusion it makes is false and will lead to pain and suffering. 

Anything can be used as a tool for denial and the avoidance of grief.  It always comes down to what's underneath it, what's driving the ideas and beliefs which manifest in behavior?  

There can only ever be two drivers: Love or fear.

Beware though, the ego is so good at what it does that if you're not careful it can make it seem like you are making a choice from a place of Love, but underneath it's source is actually fear.  

There is only one escape.  There is only one way out.  There is only One to turn to....your True Self, the one that never left it's Creator.  The only way out is through true communion with God which will extend out into everything here in this world of insanity and look upon all things with Love.

Father, may you grant me the vision to see all the forms of denial I use so that I may be open to true healing.